My name is Victoria Plummer, and I am the creator of  FemFit.

I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. I am 30 years old,  happily married, and a dog mom.

I love to laugh, grow, and live with purpose. I also love all things sweet!

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About Me

My fitness journey started when I was pretty young. My Dad was a huge Arnold Schwarzenegger fan and loved bodybuilding. He used to bring me and my siblings with him to the gym and we stayed in the daycare while he worked out. When I turned 12, I was FINALLY old enough to work out on the gym floor and I couldn’t wait! My Dad taught me the importance of proper form and I was able to eventually Squat 135 lbs. I loved the bonding time with my Dad and I felt accomplished! But then in middle school, a girl friend told me that my legs were "too strong" and that "guys don't like that". So, I quit working out! It's been 18 years since then and I still remember that feeling of inadequacy.

 After high school, I started working out again but not consistently. I spent most of my young adulthood trying to seek the approval of others rather than doing what was most beneficial for me. (Kind of like in middle school.) I spent TOO many years trying to fill the void in my heart with all of the wrong things; like men, alcohol, and drugs. Those things never brought me lasting happiness.

In 2012, I finally hit rock bottom when I was arrested for DWI and put on probation. As part of my probation, I had to do community service, substance abuse counseling, and Alcoholics Annonymous. The combination opened my eyes to the fact that alcohol was DESTROYING my life and my relationships. I thought maybe there really WAS a higher power that could help me stop drinking.

During this time, I started taking boxing which was something I had ALWAYS wanted to do but was always too hung over to get up and go. I also started to listen to sermons online which really helped empower my mind. This eventually led me back to being consistent in my fitness journey and in the best shape of my life! Through faith I had found a new strength, confidence, and hope. My self-worth was no longer being dictated by what others thought of me. The void was no longer there, and I was no longer a slave to destructive behaviors. Of course, I am not perfect but I felt a new sense of purpose to help others. I realized that I am not the only one who went through hard times, and I felt like I could help people thru personal training.

In 2014, I started studying to get my personal training certification. Then, I quit my stable job of 9 years as a Pharmacy Technician. I took a HUGE leap of faith to become a personal trainer. I trained for over 3 years at 24 Hour Fitness and became a Master Trainer there. I gained so much knowledge and experience by working with all types of people! I loved it.  I loved helping people achieve their goals.

Lots of other great things have happened since I decided to CHANGE. I went on a mission trip to Haiti, which I never in a million years thought I would do! It allowed me to see what true poverty is, experience a different culture, while also helping others. I also started traveling a lot more! It’s funny how much more money you have when you don’t waste it going out. Broken relationships in my family have been restored, and I am SO SO GRATEFUL for that. I met the man of my dreams and married him in 2017! Let me just say, GOD IS GOOD!  

Now I am taking another HUGE leap of faith by starting my own company! I have wanted to have my own fitness business for YEARS!! I am so excited for the journey ahead and I am excited to meet more women who want more out of life, and help them reach their goals. If I can do it, ANYONE CAN! I hope that this company becomes more than a personal training business. I dream of FemFit becoming a movement of women helping women succeed. 


If you made it this far, you are a ROCKSTAR! Thanks for reading! Please connect with me on my Instagram, Youtube, or Email!

-Your Femfit Coach, Victoria