It is has been an honor and joy to be a part of the success of my clients. Take a moment and see what they have to say!

Thank YOU for helping me make strides towards my goals. I appreciate you challenging me and getting me out of my comfort zone. I also really value the guidance you've shared, not solely in regards to fitness! You're a great trainer, mentor, but most importantly, you're an amazing friend! You're adaptive. You can come up with a workout on the spot to help prevent an injury. You're challenging while still being motivating. You learn your clients well. You picked up on my competitiveness and used that to help me overcome my own barriers to win and grow in my physical fitness. You're passionate. You don't let me fail because you're passionate about our success together. You hold me accountable and you help me find the root issue when I don't hit my goals. I feel you do such a great job. You're flexible with your clients and always work hard to accommodate their schedules and fitness needs. The time I've trained with you has been such an amazing experience. It's definitely changed my life for the better. Although aesthetically, I'm not yet where I want to be, I know my cardiovascular health has vastly improved and my body has strengthened drastically. -Krystavel Zulaica

Victoria was more than just a trainer to me. She truly is an amazing person who cares deeply about my personal and fitness goals as well as my success in life. She took the time to educate me on the basics of working out/lifting weights, was always patient and kind, yet challenged me in a way that I didn't feel overwhelmed but definitely had a great workout. The results spoke for themselves as I lost 2% of body fat in only working with her in the first 2 weeks. I honestly wish I could work out with her every time I go to the gym. I am so grateful that she was my 1st trainer as I felt prepared and ready once I started lifting/working out on my own. I know Victoria truly cares about me because she still checks up on me and my progress from time to time even though I have moved and no longer am her client anymore. To me this goes beyond great customer service- she is the real deal when it comes to getting "swole", looking great and making a personal relationship with an amazing person for life.   - Lali Smith


I enjoyed my twice a week sessions with Victoria for two months.  I am a woman in my 70s and believe I made good progress toward my goals. I found Victoria to be knowledgeable, patient and kind.  She has a professional demeaner and excellent communication skills.-Lynda Olson


I love working out with Victoria! She is prepared for my appointment with a workout designed to confuse my muscles. She thoroughly explains the focus (such as stability, mobility, or strength), the tempo, and the technique, ensuring I have good form. My body is high-maintenance, but she finds ways to challenge me within my limitations. I really appreciate that Victoria designed my cardio workouts based on quick, low tech, low-cost cardio testing. She takes frequent measurements of my body for me to track my progress and stay accountable to my goals. When I text questions or need alternate exercises between appointments, she is quick to respond. I trust Victoria to be current with training methods and information, but not faddish. -Sharon Doherty


My husband and I began training with Victoria after my husband's second heart attack and first stroke. As his cardiologist told us, his heart patients who live the longest have one thing in common - they all exercise. We did not want to become "hard bodies" but we wanted to do cardio and strength building exercises to improve our health. We also wanted to enjoy the experience. Victoria helped us greatly. My husband's checkups since his heart attack and stroke have been consistently good. As a matter of fact the doctor is reluctant to change anything that we are doing as my husband's heart is stable and he is gaining strength. Victoria's training program was solid and moved at the right pace for us. She tailored her exercises to deal with our various aches and pains.  (We are in our late sixties and mid seventies.)  If one exercise to strengthen a muscle  or muscle group did not work, she always had an alternative way to work the same muscles that was pain free.  Rarely did we have really sore muscles the day following our training session, but there were a few. The good news is that the pain was gone when we repeated the exercise the second time in training.-Liz and John Kolar


I’m a middle aged man who has stuck to strength training my entire adult life.  I notice as I get older how my endurance and flexibility is almost non existent.  I hate stretching and traditional cardio. Victoria started me on a high intensity program that built my stamina and balance.  She had me doing things I have never seen.  I knew I had made the right choice after the first workout.  I saw and felt results sooner than expected.  She was always professional but fun to workout with.  I admire her work ethic and approach to each of her clients.  She helped me to achieve goals I would not have touched without her. -Kenny Cooper

I started working out with Victoria as someone who had never regularly worked out in her life. She taught me so much about eating, exercise, proper form, and how to stay motivated and focused on my goals! Within just a couple of months I noticed big changes in my body and in my endurance and strength. Victoria gave me detailed instructions so that the days I worked out on my own I'd know exactly what to do. She kept me accountable when I tried to make excuses and is truly just a kind a positive person who loves helping others!- Andrea Maloy

I know that walking into a gym whether it be a large facility, outdoors or at home can be a bit overwhelming when you decide to start (or restart) a workout regimen. Where do you start...that's what I asked myself, and that's where Victoria comes in to my journey. She has the tools and building blocks to get you from point A to point B. Something that was once overwhelming isn't anymore, with her spirit, kindness, knowledge and guidance she can get you to your point B. I'm so excited for this journey that Victoria is on and to be a part of it. Thank you for everything XOXO -Michelle Hathhorn