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Recipe Ideas

Couple Cooking

Don't have time to cook? No problem. This is my current favorite meal prep service! The food is cooked to perfection! Use DPK15 for 15% Off!

Dallas Prep Kitchen

Meal Prep Service

I regularly order their: Vegan Select Peanut Butter Bliss, High Volume, and Prolific Pre-Workout.


My Favorite Supplement Brand

If you aren't logging your food, you probably don't know how many calories you are taking in. If you want better results, try using MyFitnessPal to track you macros.

Food Diary

My Fitness Pal

I like this guide to show newbies how to put together a complete lunch and dinner. I recommend eating a serving of protein,veggies, carbohydrate, and healthy fat for a complete meal. 

Precision Nutrition Meal Guide

The Perfect Meal